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The Founding Team

J. Scott Johnson

J. Scott Johnson

J. Scott Johnson is the CEO and lead engineer of Cartazzi. As well as creating the Cartazzi tools, Scott is currently developing a major NLP system for detecting hate speech on the web. He is an expert in cloud computing, web development, and large scale data storage and processing. Scott is a long time entrepreneur and product creator with a specific focus on online media -- he started his first company focused on hypertext, the core technology behind the web, in 1987. He was also a pioneer in blogging with the founding and creation of the first blog search engine, Feedster.

Elaine Thompson

Elaine E. Thompson, Ph.D.

Elaine E. Thompson, Ph.D., is a bioinformatician who manages a major digital pathology AI project for the Department of Defense. Before that she lead bioinformatics research in the FDA/CBER HIVE. Dr. Thompson was involved in three major machine learning initiaves, the FDA/CBER BEST surveillance program; finding adverse events in Medicare billing data; and the HHS CoLab program where she developed an innovative way to analyze scRNA-seq. Dr. Thompson earned her doctorate in bioinformatics from the University of California, San Diego, and her masters degree in neuroscience from Johns Hopkins.