About Us


Cartazzi is a developer productivity tool that addresses the problem of "Tools at Your Fingertips".

And, yes, this is a problem that you don't even know you have because you're so used to what you normally do that you don't realize it can be better. Imagine starting your web dev for the day with a palette of links that looks like this:

That's a toolbar of links to all your development environments, your source code, your database admin tool, cloud environment, tickets, Sidekiq and more. Oh and since we read your source code -- if you let us -- we also automatically generate links to the documentation for the right version of Ruby, Rails, etc.

We dynamically build you a toolbar for every project with the exact resources you need. We do this by understanding both your code and the tooling ecosystem that defines the web. Our goal is to make it drop dead simple to have the exact productivity tools you need to be your most efficient self.

We (ok me) have a 30 year track record in building stuff on the web and the one consistent theme has been that you need web based tools to build web based stuff. The problem is that every project differs and you need different tools every time. So no one ever has a nice interface specific to the development needs of their project.

Here's some more about us: